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Burner mounted Ignitor Electrode

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Burner mounted Ignitor Electrode

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04022 IG31B IG-13B SE9009 Ignitor Electrode


Burner mounted Ignitor Electrode to fit many imported grills. Fits
BBQ Pro Models
BQ04023, BQ04023-1, BQ04023-2, BQ04023-2AS, BQ04025, BQ04028
Brinkmann Models
810-2511-F, 810-2511-S, 810-2512-F, 810-2512-S, 810-3250-F, 810-3250-W, 810-3330-F, 810-3330-S, 810-3331-F, 810-3350-F, 810-3660-S, 810-3661-F, 810-4221-S, 810-4457-F, 810-4556-0, 810-4557-0, 810-4580-F, 810-4580-S, 810-4580-SB, 810-6420-S, 810-6550-S, 810-6631-F, 810-6680-S, Evanston
Browning Models
Kenmore Models
119.16126010, 119.16126011, 119.16144210, 119.16145210, 119.16148110, 119.16149210, 119.16216010, 119.162310, 119.16301, 119.16301800, 119.16302800, 119.16311, 119.16311800, 119.16312800, 119.16433010, 119.16434010, 119.16658010, 119.16658011, 119.16670010, 119.16676800, 119.17676800, 16301, 16302, 16311, 16312, 640-784047-110, BQ06W1B
Master Forge Models
Members Mark Models
B08SMG-1, B08SMG-2, B09SMG-3, B09SMG1-3F, B10PG20-2C, B10PG20-2R, BQ06043-1-N, BQ06043-1, GR2001402-MM-00, GR2001408-MM-00, GR2150901-MM, GR2210601-MM-00, GR3055-014571, 614714
Mintcraft Models
B06W1B-28, B06W1B-6, B070E4-DB, B070E4-R
Omaha Grills Models
B06W1B-28, B06W1B-6, B070E4-DB, B070E4-R, B09LB1-32-4, B09LB1-32, B09SMG1-3F, B10PG20-2C, B10PG20-2R, B10PG23-2A, BQ04022, BQ04023-1, BQ04023-2, BQ04023, BQ04024, BQ04025, BQ04028, BQ05041-28, BQ06043-1-N, BQ06043-1, BQ06W1B, BQ06W1C-A, BQ06WIC, BQ51009
Outdoor Gourmet Models
B070E4-A, B09LB1-32-4, B09LB1-32, B09SMG1-3F, B10SR10-C, BQ04022, BQ04024, BQ06043-1, BQ06W1B, BQ06W1C-A, BQ06WIC, BQ51004
Victory Land Models
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