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14" Ground Wire for 1.5v Spark Generators

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    03620 14" Ground Wire for 1.5V Spark Generators

    Ground wire for 1.5v spark generators

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    • Ground wire for 1.5v spark generators


    14" Ground wire, Female Spade and Eye Connectors. Use for 1.5v spark generators for use with MCM03340, MCM03350, MCM03380, and other 1.5V Spark Generating Modules. Fits
    American Standard Models 4636095,4637047,4637048,4638816,4655797, 4656797
    Amana Many Models
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    Barbecues Galore Models B2610ALP, B2610ANG, B2612ALP, B2612ANG, B3210ALP, BAI10ALP, BAI10ANG, BAI10BLP, BAI10BNG, BAI12ALP, BAI12BLP, BAI12BNG, BTH2610ALP, BTH2610ANG, BTH3210LLP, BTH3210LNG, CG3CKW, CG3CKWN, CG4CKW, CG4CKWN, CG5CKW, CG5CKWN, CK4CKWN, G3T, G3TN, G4T, G4TN, G5STR, G5STRN, G5T, G5TN, G6STR, G6STRN, SKU167900
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