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16-3/4" x 8" Stainless Steel Radiation Shield

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16-3/4" x 8" Stainless Steel Radiation Shield

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DPP6SS 068977 00600 RSGSS Stainless Steel Radiation Shield


Fits under the burner of all the grill body Broilmaster and Warm Morning series gas grills.Factory Original Stainless Steel. Fits
Broil Master Models
D3, D39NWO, D49NWO, G-4, TXPL, G1000XP1, G2000, G2000D, IU3TX, P3, P3BL, P3BL-2, P3BLN, P3BLN-2, P3BLW, P3BLW-2, P3BLWN, P3BLWN-2, P3CP, P3FBL, P3FBL-2, P3FBLN, P3FBLN-2, P3FBLW, P3FBLW-2, P3FBLWN, P3FBLWN-2, P3HGCN6, P3NHG, P3S, P3S-1, P3SN, P3SN-1, P4, P4BL, P4BL-1, P4BLN, P4BLN-1, P4BLW, P4BLW-2, P4BLWN, P4BLWN-2, P4FBL, P4FBL-1, P4FBLN, P4FBLN-1, P4FBLW, P4FBLW-2, P4FBLWN, P4FBLWN-2, S5NW0
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